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You Love Kids. And So Do We.
Let’s Give Them an ALL-NEW VBS They'll LOVE!


Bible Blast to the Past will take your kids on an amazing time-travel journey to experience stories that show the INCREDIBLE, FAITHFUL, INVINCIBLE, UNCONDITIONAL, and REAL love of God. Kids will know they can count on God’s love because God IS love (1 John 4:16)! Kids’ lives will be changed, and they will be inspired to courageously change lives around them.


Kids will love to sing, shout, praise, and pray during Opening & Closing with all-new songs and music videos by Yancy! Written and produced specifically for Bible Blast to the Past, Yancy returns with eight memorable songs that help kids discover timeless truths about God’s love. And because the music is reproducible, children and volunteers can take home their VBS experience and share it with their families too!

Kids Love HELPING Others!

Bible Blast to the Past helps kids learn to serve wherever they are. Easy-to-do service projects help kids show God’s love to others—and then share about it the next day. Changed lives change lives! At Bible Blast to the Past, kids are changed by Jesus and then learn to reach out with that same love to help change the lives of others.

Kids Love STORIES from Back2Back Ministries

Partnering with Beth Guckenberger and Back2Back Ministries, Bible Blast to the Past gives kids and adults the chance to experience the touching true story on video of Ronaldo, a young man in Haiti with big dreams. These compelling, kid-friendly missions videos, shown during your opening session, help kids see how sharing God’s love can help everyone reach for better tomorrows.

Kids Love SCIENCE!

Science, art, and history combine for an experiment with fun at Discovery Ruins! Watch kids’ imaginations grow as they travel back in time and discover even more about God’s everlasting love! Affordable and flexible craft options will allow kids of all ages to expand their minds without expanding your budget!

Help Kids Show Love to EVERYONE!

Everyone is welcome at Bible Blast to the Past VBS! Special needs tips and options are built into the VBS experience to make it the best for everyone. Make your VBS a place to love all the kids in your community.

Let's Give Them the BEST VBS—and Change Lives Together!

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