Each day kids travel back in time to explore God’s everlasting love at these sites:

Opening & Closing

Turn back the clock and turn up the volume—it’s time to praise the God who loves us from everlasting to everlasting!

Blast to the Past Bash is the time to worship, laugh, and learn—with upbeat music, engaging skits, fun large-group challenges, and meaningful missions videos! And after kids journey back from the past at the end of the day, they’ll be reminded of what God’s love is and how He loves them—no matter what!

View Music/Video Clips

Bible Story

Step inside and experience truths from God’s Word throughout HIStory!

From the moment they arrive, kids will be engaged and involved as they see God’s love at work in the lives of His people throughout time. Hands-on Bible activities and small-group discussions help kids discover that God’s love for them is the same yesterday, today, and forever. And most importantly, kids will realize that each of them plays an important role in God’s plan for His people. They’ll be challenged to let God’s love change their lives so they can change the world!

Service & Missions

Stop in to explore and go out and serve!

At the Mission Quest Cave, kids find out that living is an every-day adventure—with challenges to serve in their own communities and around the world! Every kid will have the opportunity to participate in practical service & missions projects designed for all ages. Whole churches will be jumping in to do service with a lasting purpose!

Snacks & Games

Munch and move inside a busy city market.

Even the most serious time travelers need a place to unwind! Feast on tasty, low-prep snacks at the farmer’s stand, and then move about the marketplace with games that stretch your mind and muscles. Food and fun are designed to pair up just right with the theme of the day and keep kids focused on God’s INCREDIBLE, FAITHFUL, INVINCIBLE, UNCONDITIONAL, and REAL love! Choose from indoor and outdoor games, and even science-based fun! Whether they are getting soaked, running relays, or testing their Bible memory skills, kids will discover God’s everlasting love while building teamwork, confidence, and excitement!

Crafts & Science

Experience ancient arts and facts through science and crafts!

Science, art, and history combine for an experiment with fun at Discovery Ruins! Watch kids’ imaginations grow as they travel back in time and discover even more about God’s everlasting love! Affordable and flexible craft options will allow kids of all ages to expand their minds without expanding your budget!


Big fun awaits all the little lambs of Playtime Pasture!

Preschoolers will discover that God loves them forever and always through Bible story activities, songs, and games made just for them. Simple crafts and service projects will help them KNOW what God’s love is, EXPLORE God’s everlasting love, and learn to SERVE Him by loving others.